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The New College Student Alliance (NCSA) recently held elections to determine who would be elected to the positions of First-year Representative on the Student Allocations Committee, the Diversity Representative and the Green Affairs Representative for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year.

It was an interesting race, while some pondered buying, or rigging the election on the forum, candidates were hard at work creating a write-in campaign for the positions. Especially for diversity representative which did not have any student officially running for the position.

While students might not have taken their ability to write in their candidate as seriously as some would have liked, with write-in’s including things such as drawings of penis‘ and memes, and dislike for certain candidates, the write-in candidates were somewhat successful in gaining ground in the elections. They did not, unfortunately for them, come out on top.  

The winner of the First-year Representative was Pedro Vivas with 66 votes, who will serve until June 2017.

“I have always felt satisfaction in doing something beneficial for my schoolmates,” the second place candidate August Raubo said, explaining why he decided to run. Raubo came in second in a close race with 44 votes, and will serve until Dec. 31.

The obvious winner for Green Affairs Representative, Gina Vazquez, took an easy lead with 84 votes while her competitors took only a small portion of the votes, receiving less than five votes each.

For Diversity Representative, Volanta Peng was elected with 29 votes, however, she resigned from the position because she was already a representative on the Student Advisory Committee and that is an exclusionary position. Thus, Edline Francis was appointed to the position with the full support of her colleague Volanta.

“If you want a statement on how I feel about Edline it’s Whoo Edline!” Volanta said in an email interview when discussing the elections and the end results of her campaign.

In the end, the elections seemed moderately successful, despite not being taken as seriously as some would have liked, when the results came in.

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