NCSA co-president steps down this semester

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In an email addressed to the student body, Matt Broerman stepped down from his position as New College Student Alliance Co-president.
“I am stepping down from the post of your Co-President for a while.” Broerman explained to students. “As I enter my thesis year, I need to make sure that my academic performance is in tip-top shape.”

“In a lot of ways there’s a kind of momentum behind the NCSA from the executive branch which, whether or not I’m a participant in that momentum, still remains,” Broerman told the Catalyst. “. . . The tone of our administration was always sort of collaborative, and so it’s more like a piece of one ninth is missing as opposed to one half.”

“We were lucky to have appointed  an amazingly hard working and dedicated cabinet, and through their hard work we have transitioned smoothly,” NCSA Co-president Chelsea Dye told the Catalyst in an email.

Dye will continue her term on the NCSA for which she was originally elected as co-president if she is confirmed as president at the next Towne Meeting. The next Towne Meeting will take place in Palm Court on Sept. 8 at 5:30.

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