NCF Zine Collective holds second annual NCF Zine Fest
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NCF Zine Collective holds second annual NCF Zine Fest

The second annual NCF Zine Fest, organized by the NCF Zine Collective, will take place Saturday, Apr. 27, from 2 to 8 p.m. in the Nook. There will be live music, including acts from Mustard Service, Moongazer and Foom!, as well as food and tabling from art and crafts vendors. The festival will feature local artists and zine-makers from Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Petersburg, Tampa and Miami.

The NCF Zine Fest is also a product of the student-run Zine-Making Tutorial, sponsored by Professor of Sociology Queen Zabriskie. NCF Zine Collective was organized in spring 2018 by third-year Anya Contreras-García, Hana-Karina Arraya (‘14) and Savannah Hawk (‘15).

“Our goal is to create a platform for zine-making and -sharing within the New College community and to connect with other zinesters in South Florida,” according to NCF Zine Collective’s Facebook page. “We want to inspire students to express themselves creatively and spread the joy of self-publishing!”

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