NCF wins Turkey Bowl

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With a truck loaded with free beer, Donal O’Shea wearing a jersey reading “Luck of the Irish” and a combination of Ringling and New College students and supporters watching on, the New College Null Set beat the Ringling Armadillos 30-0 in the 2014 Turkey Bowl. With a touchdown on their opening drive, New College got off to a fast start and never looked back, thoroughly dominating the game in every way.

With the score at halftime at 12-0 in New College’s favor, there had already been a couple of impressive performances. By the half, Dain “BEASTMODE!” Regis had rushed for several large gains and thrown for two touchdowns, both to second-year Evan “Idaho” Murphy. On defense, first-year Lukas Heath and third-year Ben Normand collected an interception each, and Ringling’s offense could hardly gain any traction.

At the half, the crowd – sitting on a combination of bleachers and hay benches – was entertained by a group of Ringling performers who sung “No Diggity,” which was immediately followed by New College second-year Jackson Hughes, who sung three of his own songs for the fans.

Bursting through a banner to start the second half, the NCF Null Set only came out more aggressive, scoring three more touchdowns and allowing none. By the end of the game there were several MVP-worthy performances between Regis’ five total touchdowns – which could have been six if the referees had not reversed an epic scramble that resulted in him finding the end zone – Murphy having caught for two touchdowns of his own and third-year Garrett Murto catching another two touchdowns for the NCF Null Set, not to mention a whole host of interceptions caught by the defense.

After the game, the NCF Null Set celebrated with spraying champagne and even a mess of shaving cream pie throwing. When asked who the MVP of the game was, there was no shortage of answers – Regis, Heath, Murto, Murphy and second-year Miranda Day were all named invaluable players.

“Beastmode [Dain Regis] for sure,” thesis student Casey Dodge said when asked who he thought the MVP would be. “His overall form and nature on the field will inspire generations to come.”

“New College – you’re the real MVP,” Regis had to say.


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