NCF to fix crest and add Latin diploma

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New College of Florida will be instating a fully Latin diploma, and will be fixing the grammatical error in the Latin on the school’s crest. No longer will the Latin in the crest read “NOVUM COLLEGIUM FLORIDAE,” instead being changed to the grammatically accurate, “NOVUM COLLEGIUM FLORIDENSE.”

“In Latin, the ending -ae on the word Floridae is similar to the English preposition ‘of,’” Associate Professor of Classics David Rohrbacher said. “Latin does not use “of” to express the relationship between ‘New College’ and ‘Florida,’ but rather uses an adjective.”

“So, for example, you wouldn’t say the equivalent of ‘the mayor of Sarasota’ in Lain, you’d say, ‘the Sarasotan mayor,’” Rohrbacher continued. “The new language literally says ‘Floridian New College.’”

“I assumed the new language would be on this year’s diploma,” Associate Professor of History Carrie Beneš said. “But I don’t know if that is the case.”

Regarding the implementation of the new NCF crest, Beneš expected an “incremental rollout,” and noted that the discovery of the creation of the crest’s text was the straw that broke the camel’s back in regards to Rohrbacher involving himself in fixing it.

“They found a bunch of stuff in the library about how I.M. Pei’s architecture firm created the logo with somebody’s crappy high school Latin,” Beneš said. “It wasn’t officially commissioned by people who actually knew Latin – it was just some guy in the architecture office who came up with it.”

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