NCF, Ringling, and USF trading spaces


As of this year, a new and exciting opportunity has arisen for New College students. It is now possible to take classes at either the University of South Florida Sarasota, or Ringling College of Art and Design. The courses will appear on students’ contracts and will be counted for credit. No extra fees in addition to tuition and housing will apply – it will be added as just another class.

“It is basically like a tutorial,” Director of Records Philip Carrasco said in a phone interview. “It needs to be sponsored by a New College professor.”

“I took 2D drawing and design,” third-year student Daniel Anderson-Little said. “We worked with Adobe Illustrator and Indesign.”

Anderson-Little explained that, although he had a previous connection with a Ringling professor who instructed him on what class he should take, the process for signing up for the classes on Ringling’s campus went through the Registrar, just as it does with New College courses.

“Most classes you come in with designs and you come to class and critique each other,” Anderson-Little said. “There is also some research based work.

The integration of Ringling, USF, and NCF will allow for greater diversity of classes. It also allows for students to experience different types of demographics, since NCF has an age make-up amongst its students that would be considered usual college age, while USF and Ringling often have non-traditional students.

“As far as signing up for classes goes, what it takes to participate in the class [is] up to the college providing the class,” Carrasco said.

Carrasco said that more information would be provided by July in an email that will be sent out to students.

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