NCF hosts 2011 AIDS walk

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Vista Coordinator Monica Tambay’s goal is that, on December 1st, cars passing beneath the overpass will encounter an overwhelming sign of solidarity and support in the form of hundreds of fluttering red ribbons tied to the bridge.  This sign of solidarity would be for World Aids Day, a precursor to the New College-held event three days later, the NC Aids Walk.

“Ultimately on the day of the aids walk we really hope to have a mass of student participation,” Tambay said.  “Because in the past very few have shown up.”

This Aids Walk is the first one being thrown on campus in a couple of years, Tambay speaks to a historical trend for the New College student body, though prided for their social consciousness, indicating the poor turn out when awareness and protest—“social” events—is  actually practiced.  “It’s not that difficult to wake up at 8, one time, to participate in a cause that requires action,” she said.

“I just want to drive home the necessity for NC to represent, it’s going to be on the campus and we as a student body represent in so many ways academically, but when it comes to social causes its just the small little group that does so much, the student body being really exciting but failing to represent.”

With a month until the actual Aids walk, Tambay encourages the onset of fund raising. “Students should get out there, collect changed, do a little bake sell; because when you consider how far $10-$15 per person can go in a mass of 800—a difference can really be made,” Tambay encouraged.

Chosen by Trinity Charities to host this event, the walk will start at 8:00am in front of Sudakoff before parading across the overpass, down the promenade, to the pink palace, and along the bay. The details of the event beyond that plan, and that Charities will be providing free food and t-shirts, are unsure of right now—Tambay working on the recruitment end.

“They haven’t really told us much, I do know that it will be from 8:00 to noon,” Tambay said. “It will be a great way to wake up early, get together as a big group, enjoy the morning, walk along the bay, and celebrate those who have survived.”

“People might question how much you can give by walking, but in terms of donations and solidarity, participation is necessary.”

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