NCF Craigslist debuts

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The need to monitor forum traffic was the inspiration behind third-year Rose Marz and thesis student Chelsea Montgomery’s plan for a New College version of Craigslist. The New College Craigslist (NCC) will take the form of a newsletter to be sent out once a month to the entire Student Listserv in an effort to both promote on campus self-sustainability as well as to help decrease the amount of e-mails sent to students.

Intended to be distributed monthly, the NCC will be providing advertisements for not only services that students can offer other students as well as products to sell.

“We’re trying to increase the knowledge base for students,” Marz, who like Montgomery is an RA, explained. “We want students to know who they can go to within the New College community for things they need. We have 800 students here and only if no one here can offer you something should a student then look out in Sarasota. There are people selling jewelry, hissing cockroaches, food services and advertising hair cuts, tutoring and more. ”

Another big expectation for the NCC is the decrease in forum traffic for the school’s servers.

“If only seven students send in advertisements, that’s still seven less e-mails that will be flooding the Forum,” Marz reasoned. “Plus, it’s very powerful in terms of advertisement, especially considering that many students ignore the Forum. This newsletter will be sent directly to them and will bypass the Forum altogether.”

The NCC accepted applications up until Monday, Feb. 28 and hopes to post the first round of  offers sometime during the week of Mar. 7 – 11. Applications for the April newsletter will be accepted starting Mar. 12.

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