NCF alums join Residential Life staff as new RDs

You can take the student out of New College, but you can’t take New College out of the student—and then there’s those who simply can’t stay away for too long, growing attached to all the school represents.

Kaitlyn Collins (’10) and Rebecca “Becky” Marshall (’10) are two such individuals, having recently joined Shaun McDonough to fill out the Residential Life office’s triumvirate of Resident Directors (RDs). The two were hired approximately a month ago to replace Dania Permesly and Jennifer “J.” Goodrich, who had been responsible for Pei and B and Z Dorms, respectively, whose resignations earlier this spring led to what Collins refers to as somewhat of a “New College crisis.” Faced with the prospect of forcing the burden of a three-person workload upon one stressed-out RD, the office was eager to bring a few familiar faces on board.

Both of the new RDs spent a fair amount of time during their tenures as New College undergraduates working as Resident Advisors (RAs), so the duties of an RD are familiar territory for them. Having spent some time out of the bubble, both are also quite happy to be back on their old stomping grounds. “I really missed working for housing,” Collins told the Catalyst.

Collins said that the RD position does involve more of an administrative responsibility than one might get as an RA, and either way needing to be on call for any member of New College’s student population in need of help is a demanding task. The two are glad to be able to interact with the New College community again, though, and enjoy seeing students come in.

The two have only been RDs for a month, but are quickly adapting to the new workload and lifestyle. “I feel like I’m finally in the swing of things,” Collins said. “I can’t believe a month’s already gone by.”

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