Music, friends, and good times: Woodstock Wall

Woodstock Wall by Caitlyn Ralph
Woodstock Wall starts in the early afternoon and carries through the night.


Around midday on Saturday, April 11, the field in front of the Nook began to transform. A stage was set up under the trees, colorful blankets were spread about, couches found their way outside, sunflowers hung from trees, and food scattered across the concrete tables. It was the fourth annual Woodstock Wall: a day full of good times, friends and musicians – many from New College and others not.

Kicking off at 2 p.m., the event ran through the night, with the exception of a quick sunset break at 7 p.m. Boston band, Pari∀h, resumed Woodstock Wall at about 9:45 p.m. The location moved to inside the Old Mailroom, and students, many of which waited outside, filled the space and danced as soon as the band started playing.

One of those students was first year Griffin Matthews, who spoke about why he enjoys occasions like Woodstock Wall so much. “It’s the energy and the atmosphere. Nights like this everyone just feels super connected. We’re all out here for the same reason,” he said. “The atmosphere and feeling of community is unrivaled.”

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