More plastic grass?
Sainer courtyard. Photo by Gaby Batista.

More plastic grass?

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The April 17 message from an on-site observer was simple but clear: “Looks like more turf is going in. And a lot of it.” 

On Thursday, April 18, Catalyst reporters documented that the grass of the Mildred Sainer Fine Arts Complex courtyard was indeed slated to be replaced with artificial turf. This follows the replacement of living grass in ACE Plaza and in front of the Jane Bancroft Cook Library.

The Sainer courtyard is large, upwards of 2500 sq. ft. Environmental concerns have been raised, including the possibility of increased temperatures in an area that is already known for high heat by students who use the courtyard as a performance space.

As this news develops, the Catalyst is expecting to offer the community more in-depth coverage.

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