Moodle app makes education mobile

More and more education is going online. Teachers and professors post assignments, syllabi, and evaluations and students can read basically any book on the web and are able to upload assignments and take full classes online. As of April 2015, Moodle, formerly known as Newdle, is available as an app for both Apple and Android mobile devices. This is especially helpful if a student needs to check their assignments on the go, or turn something in away from campus. It also allows professors to share feedback with students quickly and efficiently.

According to both the Google Play and Apple websites, features of the app include: the option to access Moodle offline; receive instant notifications on courses; interactions with other students; and ability to efficiently connect with educators and upload images, audio, videos and other files from your mobiles device. Professors can view student work through the app, and students can view their evaluations on there as well. All files are opened through the Quick Look feature.

After entering the site url,, and their login information, users will instantly gain access to the site’s features on their mobile devices, course information that they would be able to see if they logged in on a desktop or laptop.

Even though most students are familiar with using online sites to interact with teachers and other students, the Moodle app is still unknown to many: “There’s a Moodle app?” third-year Vinushka “Stefan” Schalk said. But now that the app has been made accessible, it will likely become vital to students and educators alike.

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