Metz soon to deliver to dorms

Metz is currently working to make on-campus food delivery an option for students, making New College one of the first campuses to do so. Even more impressive, the deliveries will not only benefit Metz and students, they will also help fund various clubs and organizations on campus.

Delivery, which can be paid for in Ham points, will operate from 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Students need to order a pizza for delivery, but can add on other items as well. Students of various clubs and organizations within New College will make the deliveries and Metz will pay $2 per drop-off. The deliveries are an avenue for clubs and organizations to raise funds as well as for the convenience of all the students.

“We figure it’s a win-win situation,” commented Bill Moore, general manager of Food Service. “It’s great for supporting the students and the things they enjoy doing… We are one of the first colleges starting to do delivery.”

Moore predicts deliveries could start within a few weeks. For the students’ convenience, he wants to start before the week of final exams. Clubs interested in making deliveries should contact Moore.

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