Metal Working Club starts up in the Bike Shoppe

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The metal working club gives Novocollegians access to materials to create their very own metal works of art. Third-year Michael Getz said that he started the club, which often uses repurposed or “dumpstered” metal, out of a desire to do metal working in his own free time separate from the “theoretical aspects of art” that he had to tie it to in his art classes. He reflected that, in these art classes, the technical aspects of metal working were often neglected.

“I’ve just been holding introductory meetings,” Getz said in reference to the club. “It’s more of an informal time when people can come in and talk to me about projects that they want to start up so that we can work on funding and materials.” He said that the club plans to have tutorials and classes on a monthly basis or as often as members of the community are interested in attending them.

The club has taken safety precautions to ensure that Novocollegians don’t get harmed while melting and bending hot metal. The club is outfitted with flame retardant clothing, metal boots, welding gloves, masks and goggles, and students will be supervised at all times.

The club meets in the Bike Shop, where all the materials and tools are located.

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