Memorial held in remembrance of student Ijeoma Uzoukwu

Memorial held in remembrance of student Ijeoma Uzoukwu

Photo credit: Giulia Heyward

Novos gathered together in remembrance of the death of Ijeoma Uzoukwu (‘14), who had attended New College during the 2014-2015 school year before withdrawing.

The memorial was originally intended to be at the bay, a popular location for Sarasota residents to congregate to on campus to watch the sunset. The memorial’s location was changed due to the weather and took place on Friday, Aug. 26 in the Gender and Diversity Center (GDC), a common location for meetings for Students Targeting Oppressive Powers (STOP), So Color and Black History Month (BHM) Planning Committee meetings, all organizations of which Uzoukwu had been an active participant.

The memorial was organized by alum Snousha Glade (‘12) and third-year student Alexandra Schelle. Photos of Uzoukwu were collected and displayed on a projector while friends, classmates, professors and Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC) counselors were present to share their memory of Uzoukwu.

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Photo credits: Giulia Heyward

They made a tremendous impact on our campus and larger Sarasota community, as anyone who knew them can attest to their tireless efforts to better the lives of those around them,” New College Student Alliance (NCSA) co-President and third-year student Miles Iton wrote in a post to the students list announcing the event.  “Please join us whether or not you knew Ijeoma personally. This remembrance is open to all members of the New College community. There will be both conversations and moments of silence as a community. Purple was their favorite color if you choose to remember them wearing that color.”

Uzoukwu’s passing was originally announced by new Dean Robin Williamson, in an email to the students list, who had been contacted by Uzoukwu’s family. Services were held in Brooklyn, New York on July 12.

“Ijeoma’s family has contacted New College and wishes us to share with the campus community that as you think about how beloved Ijeoma was,”Williamson wrote. “Take time out to reach out and connect with a friend or loved one who you may not have spoken to in a while and be sure to take care of yourselves.”

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