McGruff the Crime dog arrested

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McGruff, the crime fighting dog, is in the doghouse. The actor who played McGruff, John Morales, was recently sentenced to 16 years in prison.

In an ironic twist of fate, drugsniffing police pooches found 1,000 marijuana plants and a grenade launcher among 27 weapons at his two indoor farms. Morales, 41, from Houston Texas, was arrested after he was pulled over for speeding. He had two diagrams of hydroponic farms sitting next to him in the passenger seat and marijuana plant seeds stored in the trunk.

The character McGruff the crime dog was created for the National Crime Prevention council in 1980 as an education tool to teach children about drugs, bullying, personal safety and the importance of staying in school. McGruff’s catchphrase in commercials, songs, pamphlets and education videos was “take a bite out of crime.”

His most recent campaign, in 2005, centered on identity theft. The McGruff name has also inspired 700 safe homes across the country where children can flee if they are in danger. The homes are marked by a McGruff logo.

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