Marta Moreno resigns, the search for a new Registrar continues

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Photo credit: Kaylie Stokes
Moreno, after years of being a beloved part of the New College community, is resigning at the end of this semester.

Photo credit: Kaylie StokesMarta Moreno, beloved registrar and previous admissions representative for five years, will resign at the end of this semester, effective Dec. 31, 2015. She began a three-year tenure in 2010 and dedicated two extra years to improving the student application process, student deadlines and recruitment. With laughter, she spoke of her foreseeable plans: “I’ll be able to read every single book I’ve missed. There’s a lot! But the real reason [that I am resigning] is that I want to spend some time with my husband.”

Though Moreno was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, comparing life in her hometown to her 15 years spent in the States had little to do with which was better or worse. Simply different. Still, some similarities – like the palm trees – comfort her.

She began her career on campus in the admissions department, but upon the sudden resignation of former Registrar Lynn Lynch, Moreno transferred from executive assistant for enrollment services to acting registrar.  

Moreno began at New College as an application reader for the admissions office and was later promoted to campus visit coordinator. Moreno had three years of experience behind her, making the transition as smooth as possible. Still, that didn’t make it easy. “The first day working as registrar – I was hyperventilating. It was scary. Spelling and pronouncing everyone’s names correctly, not wanting to mess something up.”

Unlike her hectic first day, a typical day as registrar is spent digging through tons of emails and answering any phone calls. “But what do I enjoy the most? Putting faces to names. Sometimes I even remember students by what courses they’re taking.”

During lunch, Moreno can often be found in her office building architectural creations out of legos or enjoying her meal at the bay. She hopes to continue these hobbies after resigning. “I’ll still be around, even if I’m not working here. New College is a part of me.”

With the approval of a national search from President Donal O’Shea, a committee chaired by Dean of Studies Robert Zamsky is currently looking for someone to fill the soon-to-be open position. This committee, which also consists of Sonia Wu from Enrollment Services, Corey Kleppinger from the Business Office and Bob Schaedel from Information Technology, will conduct public interviews for faculty, staff and students to attend. They interviewed the first candidate on Nov. 20. Though the position will not be vacant for over a month, hiring a Registrar before next semester is paramount.

“I think I’ll miss the students the most…and the bayfront view,” Moreno said. “And there was our pet rat in admissions – his name was Elvis – who would come by at 3:45 every day. The lizards, too. There are too many favorite memories to pick just one.”

From a student perspective, some might argue that New College has changed immensely over the years. But despite a shift in campus and faculty climate, Moreno notes a more significant difference from 2010 to the present. “I don’t think New College has changed as much as I have changed. I think New College has changed me…for the better in the sense that I’ve come into contact with people I wouldn’t normally. It’s opened my eyes and made me more sensitive to issues I hadn’t thought about much before.”


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