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Looking to next year’s cohort


As commencement nears and many students prepare to say their farewells to New College, another heavy class prepares to roll into the school. Out of 1049 admits, 63% of which were from Florida and 37% out-of-state, 213 have so far enrolled or deposited at NCF, wherein 81% of which are from Florida and 19% out-of-state. Of the 213 enrolled students, 8.5% are transfer students and 91.5% are first-time college students. When it comes to the racial makeup of the deposited/enrolling admits, 31.4% are underrepresented – including 22.5% Hispanic, 5.2% Asian, and 3.7% Black/African American – 65.3% are white, and 3.3% unknown. While the numbers are incomplete as of now, 0% of the incoming class are either American Indian/Alaskan Natives or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.


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