Library switches to digital printing system

Library switches to digital printing system

The library printing system has recently undergone needed changes, namely the doing away with cash cards as payment in favor of an entirely virtual system.

The new printing system can be reached through a link listed on the Library Home Page or at  Both of these links lead to the PaperCutMF login. Students and faculty already have accounts on PaperCutMF; login information is the same as that of MyNCF.  There is also a screen at the printing station on which students may log into their PaperCutMF accounts if they do not have immediate access to a computer. 

In contrast to this past semester, printing is no longer free of charge. Users now can add money to their accounts as they need it. Adding money to an account can be done easily online.  The cost of printing remains at $0.10 per page.  

On each account, users are able to see their account balance, as well as accessing past print jobs and jobs in queue.

The library has provided a thorough list of instructions at the print station, and students can also consult the library staff for help. This new system strives to be more user friendly and efficient than previous printing setups. 

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