Thesis LLC designed to foster a helpful thesis community closer to dorms
In 2001 the area that surrounds the top of the dorms was painted reddish-brown. According to Mark Hengge ('00) there was a Catalyst article in late August or early September that interviewed students for their reactions. photo courtesy of Jonathan Lundell ('66)

Thesis LLC designed to foster a helpful thesis community closer to dorms

New College offers a number of different Living Learning Communities (LLCs) and this year one was added to the list: a Thesis LLC in Dort and Goldstein dorms.

The Thesis LLC was created in order to provide a space for thesis students that was closer to their dorms than the library or the WRC. 

“This LLC is designed to comfortably support and guide thesising students toward graduation,” Resident Advisor (RA) Jared Plasencia said. 

Every thesis student living in Dort or Goldstein Hall is automatically added to the LLC, but there are no requirements for participation in the LLC.

Funding for the LLC has been officially approved, but the exact amount is not yet known. It is likely that both lounges will be renovated to be LLC spaces, with one lounge being a more recreational and fun space and the other being a place for work or studying according to Plasencia. 

There is also the option of the Writing LLC.  This is a pre-existing LLC located in Z dorm that partners with the WRC. It is designed for students who enjoy reading and writing and focuses on enhancing reading and writing skills.  Weekly two-hour writing sessions are required for participation in the LLC.

If interested in the Thesis LLC, contact Nicole Gelfert at or the current RAs, Jared Placencia at and Sarah Sheffer at If interested in the Writing LLC, contact Jennifer Wells at or in the WRC or current RA Bianca Jeanphillipe at

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