Library introduces new printing system

Library introduces new printing system

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In the nearly $400,000 renovation that brought the Jane Bancroft Cook Library new coffee machines, study pods and eccentric furniture, an important resource was overlooked: printing. Now, because of outdated technology, the library plans to release an updated print system.

The old process required students to put money on a print card. That card would then be inserted into a machine to enable the printers to print.

“Our copy and print system are quite old and the payment cards and dispenser are no longer made or supported,” Dean of the Library Brian Doherty said in an email interview.

“Additionally, the print release software is in the cloud and has had problems working with our network firewall.”

The new system, which is intended to be released by the end of the month, will employ the same copiers and printers but plans to eliminate the use of cards for payment. In place of cards, students will need to use Cashnet, an online payment portal.

“The software that the system uses is the same that many other colleges and universities use,” Doherty said.

New stand-alone towers, which will function as print release stations and payment portals, will be connected to the printers. Students will also be able to print from their wireless devices through a linked print release website.

“We hope that this system will make printing and copying much simpler for students,” Doherty said.

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