Librarian Winn Wasson resigns

Librarian Winn Wasson resigns

Photo courtesy of New College Digital Archives
A student studying in the Jane Bancroft Cook Library in 1992.

The Jane Bancroft Library is a valuable tool for all students to use and get ahead in their research and studies. One aspect of the library that can often go overlooked are the librarians, who work diligently to help students by offering expertise and guidance. Librarian Winn Wasson recently resigned from his position and the library is now searching for a new librarian. They may temporarily hire someone to fill the position while looking for a permanent replacement to ensure students have the appropriate resources available to them.

“Librarians are available to help students with their research through individual consultations that can be scheduled,” Dean of the library Brian Doherty said. “They also work with instructional faculty to teach classes in information literacy skills and the research process. Additionally, librarians can help with digital projects and a variety of other academic endeavors that students embark upon.”

Wasson was a Research, Instruction and Data Services Librarian whose primary duties included providing service and instruction to students while also taking on data management and curation services. Like all librarians, Wasson also participated in working on exhibits and events, assisting faculty with research and working on other library initiatives.

With Wasson’s resignation, there is now an empty position that needs to be filled. There will be an active search for a permanent hire with a committee that represents faculty, staff and students.

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