Lack of public support might make Boston withdraw from 2024 Olympic bid

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Boston, Massachusetts was originally a finalist to be the host city of the 2024 Olympic Summer Games, but the lack of public support might end the city’s contention outright. The people of Boston have been worried about what bringing the Olympics to the city might cost them, and public support has dropped from 51 percent in January to an underwhelming 36 percent – according to a poll from Boston’s WBUR radio station.

The 2024 Olympic Summer Games would reportedly bring billions of dollars into the Massachusetts economy along with 4,000 construction jobs by the year to complete the site for the games. However, these findings also heavily depend on how well the organizers use their private-funding plan, control their costs and stay out of taxpayer’s money.

The lack of public support has called for the use of a statewide referendum in November of 2016, which leaves the Olympic bid for the 2024 Summer Games up in the air. The International Olympic Committee will make the decision on which city will be host for the games in 2017. Currently, the decision rests between the four finalists: Boston, Rome, Paris and Hamburg.

“Boston hosting the Olympics is just be a bad idea, and I think Bostonians know that,” first-year Andover, Massachusetts resident Max Jodoin said. “It costs a lot of money, and the city is just not structured to handle that big of an event.”

While Boston was originally the favorite among the four, the public opposition to the games might extinguish the hopes of the U.S. hosting the games in the summer of 2024.

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