La Fin Absolute du Monde plays at Four Winds

Four Winds Show by Caitlyn
La Fin Absolute du Monde, a California band, entertaining the audience with their energetic set.

On Thursday, April 30, at around 9:00 p.m., a crowd gathered outside Four Winds, chowing down on pizza and enjoying the break from the hot weather. The cafe was hosting a free concert, with headlining California band La Fin Absolute du Monde (“the absolute end of the world” in French), Voice Hoist (thesis student Dylan Robitaille), and MSH RM (third-year student Kamron Scruggs).

Eventually, the lights inside the cafe went out, and patrons knew the show was beginning. With the chairs and tables cleared away to the corners of the room, the center of the floor was vacant, giving the audience enough room to fill the space. MSH RM played a concise and intimate set. Voice Hoist followed up with an equally cozy set, during which attendees sat down in front, close to Robitaille.

In between acts, Four Winds cleared, and everyone went on the patio and the porch to converse and share. By the time La Fin Absolute du Monde came on, however, the entire cafe packed with dancing, bobbing and moving students. Events such as this truly make campus feel like one small, integrated community.

“The show was really fun. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the diverse array of music that was performed,” thesis student Chrissy Bisch said. “It’s impressive that for such a small school we’re able to get up and coming bands from places as far as California to come play for us.”

First-year student Griffin Matthews echoed Bisch’s sentiment. “Shoutout to Kamron for booking the show. Sick night with great energy.”

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