Jojo’s comeback: It’s never too little, too late

JoJo, born Joanna Noëlle Blagden Levesque, is finally back with some original music since leaving the record label Blackground in 2013. Unfortunately, due to a lot of turmoil involving her label, JoJo has not been able to be as musically productive as she and her fans would want her to be. JoJo can be heard on her remix of Drake’s song “Marvin’s Room” from 2012 and has released some other cover songs, but this is the first time in years she has released all new music. She is now signed with Atlantic Records and has given her fans a sneak preview of her new album in the form of what she calls a “triangle,” three singles released at once. But this is just the start – these songs are meant as a preview of her new album featuring big names such as Pharrell Williams and Sam Smith.

JoJo made it big way back in 2003 when she was only 13 with the song “Leave (Get Out).” Her debut album “JoJo” went platinum thanks to that song and the popularity of other singles such as “Baby It’s You” featuring the rapper Bow Wow.

The first song in JoJo’s triad is “When Love Hurts.” In a musical world where Lana Del Rey is constantly crooning sadly, JoJo is here to give your heartache a pop pick-up. Even though she is basically singing love is pain, you cannot help but tap a foot and think it is not all that bad.

The second song in the triad is “Save My Soul” and JoJo is serving up her range on a platter. JoJo has grown over the years, as far as her voice goes, and that is on full display in this song. She seems relaxed and like she is in no rush. If “Leave (Get Out) is the anthem of the middle school break-up that happened over AOL messenger, “Save My Soul” is the song you listen to, as you sip on wine and lament on your past messed up relationships.

The third song of the triangle is “Say Love.” It is the most powerful of the songs released. JoJo is once again putting it out there that she demands the best of the best. She is not about to settle for anything less than love. She lets her Mariah Carey show on this track and it is really nice to hear. Although this song is about a romance, it rings as a declaration that JoJo is not settling anymore and she is going to hit you with the full power of her music. JoJo is making a comeback as a full-fledged pop star and, honestly, it is never too little, too late.

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