John Martin upholds Brian Bonfonti's trespass

Alumn Brian Lee Bonfonti’s (‘00) trespass warning from the New College campus has now been upheld by both Campus Police Chief Wes Walker and Vice President of Finance and Administration John Martin. Martin issued his decision to Bonfonti on Oct. 8, the day fall break began.

This decision is not absolutely final in that Martin noted that Bonfonti “may wish to request that the matter be placed on the agenda of a future Board of Trustees meeting.” He also stated, “[Bonfonti] and I will revisit whether or not to rescind the [trespass warning] at the conclusion of spring semester 2011.”

Martin upheld the fairness of the initial trespassing based on the events leading up to it, which were discussed at length at the meeting of Sept. 14 by New College Student Alliance (NCSA) President Chelsea Dye, thesis student Thomas “TM” Mawn, Bonfonti himself, Martin and representatives from the Campus Police Department and Student Affairs.

Martin decided that the trespass warning should not then be rescinded based on evidence that came to light after it was issued. The combination of Bonfonti’s involvement in the “Disorientation” off-campus event, and the nature of communications between him and students advocating the trespass warning’s rescindment, and between both of them and administators, were cited in the memorandum Martin issued.

Students may view this memorandum, along with a summary of the meeting of Sept. 14, in an e-mail sent to the students listserv by Mawn entitled “Final Ruling on Brian Lee’s Appeal.”

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