Jeanne Viviani’s resignation bittersweet

VIviani Resignation by Jasmine Respess

Jeanne Viviani will be greatly missed by students, faculty and staff.

February 25, 2015 / Volume XXXVII / Issue 2

It is the last day that Jeanne Viviani will sit at her desk in any official capacity, and although she expressed a sense of sadness about leaving the place where she spent over a decade making professional and personal relationships, Viviani cannot help but smile as she prepares to leave the NCF campus if not for greener at least newer pastures.

After 11 years of New College service, Viviani is leaving to work at Florida Polytechnic University. Viviani spent her time at New College as the Research Programs and Services director where she was responsible for helping faculty and staff seek out grants and fellowships. She was integral in helping New College community members through the application processes. At NCF Viviani worked to create and organize the Institutional Review Board (IRB). She was a charter member and was involved in getting responsible people involved in the NCF research program.

“It was a lot of new infrastructure for New College that she set up,” Professor of Anthropology Maria Vesperi said.

Viviani’s resignation comes at an especially critical point in the year since spring tends to be a busy time for applying to federal grants. Her absence will be felt as professors scramble to complete grant applications.

“I’m very bittersweet because I’m glad that she has an opportunity to grow,” Professor of Biology Sandra Gilchrist said. “For me it’s a big loss because she was just the go-to person.”

Gilchrist recalled how prior to Viviani setting up the IRB, New College had to complete the process through the University of South Florida in Tampa. Viviani facilitated the IRB process, which is a requirement for all institutions that accept research funding from the federal government.

“[The IRB is a board] that serves to protect the rights and concerns of human subjects participating in research by New College students or faculty,” the NCF website states. “The IRB reviews research protocols involving human subjects by others outside the campus wanting to use New College students in their research.”

Viviani will be continuing her career at the Florida Polytechnic University in the same capacity, but since the school is only three years old she will be able to set up her office and make employee decisions more freely than ever before.

“I’ll be kind of making my own way,” Viviani said.

“She is leaving [New College] in a really good place as far as the IRB goes,” Vesperi said. “She was a wonderful colleague, great sense of humor and I wish her the best. Even though she had to deal with a lot of bureaucratic details she wasn’t a bureaucratic-minded person.”

Viviani’s assistant Hannah Boyd will be her replacement and has been trained and is ready to take on the role that Viviani left to fill.

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