It’s 3 o’ clock somewhere: tea shops in Sarasota
A picture of 941 Tea House’s charming interior. Photo courtesy of Aria Lockman.

It’s 3 o’ clock somewhere: tea shops in Sarasota

It’s no secret that Sarasota is a unique and diverse city in Florida, providing lots of variety for the people who live here. Ranging from diverse cultures to diverse people traveling in from all over the country, Sarasota offers something for everyone. One potential hidden gem that Sarasota offers are its tea shops. Whether you’re looking to experience High Tea, grab a bubble tea to-go or buy loose leaf tea, Sarasota has the place for you!

Elixir Tea House

Location: 1926 Hillview St Sarasota, FL 34239

Contact: (941) 373-1800

Looking for a traditional tea house? Elixir Tea House is the place to go—not only does this elegant company offer a variety of 80 loose leaf teas but also coffees, lattes, smoothies, beer and wine as well. This particular tea house also offers the option of enjoying tea in one of five private rooms.

Don’t forget to ask about the Elixir High Tea experience: This consists of a personalized party served with exotic teas and various finger foods such as sandwiches, pastries and cookies—the perfect opportunity to dress up and go out with friends!

Not only does Elixir Tea House offer a unique experience, but they also provide entertainment. Mondays tend to feature poetry and spoken word, Tuesdays and Thursdays offer acoustic performances and Saturday evenings provide solo entertainment. For more information regarding upcoming events, be sure to check out Elixir’s website.

941 Tea House

Location: 3300 1st St W Bradenton FL 34208

Contact: (941) 977-8899

On Oct. 1, 941 Tea House opened its doors to the public, providing Bradenton with a brand new go-to boba place. They offer a large selection of tea, coffees and traditional snacks that anyone can enjoy. Whether you’re on the go or taking the time to dine in and relax, 941’s atmosphere is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and calming. Not in the mood for tea? No problem! 941 also offers a variety of fruit juice, smoothies and coffee as well as various snacks.

Elevation Tea Company

Location: 1383 McAnsh Square Sarasota, FL 34236

Located in Downtown Sarasota, Elevation Tea Company is the place to go if you’re seeking loose leaf tea. Not only is this a small business, but it’s woman-owned by Jennifer Martinez, who founded the company four years ago where it was initially an online store. After about two years, the company started featuring its tea truck at the downtown Sarasota Farmer’s Market. In May, the company finally opened its own shop downtown, allowing tea lovers to enjoy freshly brewed tea and a variety of creative mixed drinks. All of their tea is organic, fair trade, single origin and does not contain any artificial ingredients unless specifically stated. 

Don’t have a way to brew tea? No problem! Elevation also sells various tea steepers and tins so anyone can enjoy tea from the comfort of their own home.

Kam’s Bubble Tea & Sushi

Location: 1813 Fruitville Rd Sarasota, FL 34236

Contact: (941) 960-1610

Another notable mention is yet another small business: Kam’s Bubble Tea & Sushi. Kam’s uses fresh ingredients to create their handmade products: Not only does the sushi look amazing but it tastes amazing too! Kam’s menu offers a variety of options for anyone to enjoy.

Elevation Tea Company’s lobby. Photo courtesy of Aria Lockman.

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