Interview with new CLC, Norm Cole

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In addition to overseeing the Pei RA staff, Norman “Norm” Cole also coaches the NCF soccer team.

So what brings you to New College? I was attracted by the opportunity to work at a small public institution like New College. I haven’t worked at a campus like this before. The Honors college aspect [appealed to me] along with the uniqueness that is New College. My goal is always to continue to grow as a professional and this was a great opportunity to do that.

Where are you from? Originally Philadelphia, but I have moved around a lot.

What do you like about the New College population? The uniqueness, the diversity of the students. The entire campus community, everybody has been so friendly and welcoming to me, but I love the freedom of the students and the creativity I see on a daily basis.

What would you like to accomplish while you’re here? I definitely would like to make a positive impact on every student that I meet. My goal as a professional has always been to be a “because of” person rather than an “in spite of” person. And that’s something that I live by, so I would definitely like to make an impact on improving things for students in the dorms and improve the program, and enrich the entire educational experience for the students here.

Who’s your favorite superhero? Electra.

Tell us about your cat. Well, she’s Persian and her name is Electra like the Daredevil Electra comic book series, and she’s been with me 10 years. She was actually a gift from an RA at the University of Tampa who thought that I should have a pet so that I wouldn’t be alone in my apartment.

Tell me something fun about you.

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