Internship opportunities offered in Tallahassee

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Internship Coordinator Andrea Knies partnered with the Provost’s Office, who celebrated Constitution Day with free cake, bumper stickers, and voting registration forms, to inform students about the Tallahassee off-campus study program offered in the spring. While the Young Democrats and the cake table competed with each other for attention, a notable crowd hovered around for information on this unique study opportunity.

“There are so many [internships] available in Tallahassee during the legislative session, and in general through connections with faculty and alumni,” Knies said. “There may be some compromises in internships, because some are really competitive, but we will try our best to match students to a position.”

The program will take place at the beginning of ISP and last throughout the spring semester. Students will be expected to take a Mod 2 Tutorial to complete necessary paperwork, and then, next semester, take one remote NCF course (either with a professor currently off campus or online), one internship, and one or two Florida State University (FSU) classes. It is important to note, however, that the student will be required to create a unique ISP alongside the semester requirements, as FSU classes begin in January.

One need not worry about costs, either. Tution will be paid to New College as usual, and housing will be provided at no cost.

Students who are interested must apply by Oct. 9. The application can be found on the New College of Florida website.

Unfortunately, the Semester in Tallahassee program is not available to first-years; but if interested, there may be another opportunity. “As long as everything goes as planned and there are no hiccups, it will be offered next year,” Knies assured.

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