Interfaith Council returns

The first New College Interfaith Council meeting in five years was held Nov. 3 with an open invitation. The council has been brought back amidst increasing tension in the student body, primarily in response to discussion about Israel and Palestine. Dean of Student Tracy Murray announced in an email that the purpose of the council will be to create a safe space for students to discuss how to benefit the school community and local Sarasota area.

Representatives from clubs and groups on campus that address underrepresented voices and populations will be invited to serve as voting members of the council, although meetings will remain open to the student body.

The Interfaith Council meeting was unofficially disbanded in 2010 when meetings were no longer held.

A petition to protest a speaker who worked with AIPAC (American-Israel Public Affairs Committee) circulated in the last month, led by students of the Daughters for Life program. Last semester another AIPAC event was protested by Palestinian supporters.



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