Interest in New College summer courses doubles

With a semester of summer classes under New College’s belt, this summer will be a continuation of last year’s program. About 15 students signed up for the 2014 summer classes; this year, there are 28 people registered and most of them have already paid for the classes. Although there are a lot of NCF students involved, Professor of Sociology Sarah Hernandez said that a number of high school students and Sarasota community members have also registered.

Courses offerings were determined by surveys sent out earlier in the year as well as registration numbers. Among the courses offered this year are Abnormal Psychology, which is just a compressed version of the regular class taught during the year; and a dance course that will train students to work with people with Parkinson’s disease. Another course that will be offered is Coral Reef Ecology with Professor of Biology Sandra Gilchrist, a class she has taught for more than 20 years; this is the first year that students will get credit for this activity.

Students choose whether or not they want to receive academic credit for their courses. An advantage to taking summer classes is that they may get a student closer to the 31 credits required for graduation. A four-credit course for in-state students costs $768.40, while two credits costs $384.20. For out-of-state students, four credits cost $3,327.16, while two credits cost $1,663.58. Although no additional financial aid is offered, leftover aid from the academic year can be used to pay for summer classes.

Anyone interested is still allowed to register but will be required to pay a $100 late fee.

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