Hurricane Ian wreaks havoc on college grounds: a photo gallery
This pine tree has fallen upon one of the college's most recognizable pieces of public art: a sculpture of three winding, abstract figures that are said to represent angels. No direct damage is apparent to the statues at this time.

Hurricane Ian wreaks havoc on college grounds: a photo gallery

Ian was one of the most devastating hurricanes to make landfall on the west coast of Florida in decades. Sarasota County estimates the debris left in its wake to be more than double what Irma left in 2017; New College was no exception to this natural onslaught. The following photos reveal the damage inflicted to campus grounds directly following Hurricane Ian—all taken on Friday, Sept. 30. Photos courtesy of thesis student Bliss Jennings.

The chain link fence that lines the perimeter of the New College swimming pool outside of the fitness center, toppled over and hanging.
One of the emergency guide poles ironically dismembered, with its conical head strung limply and swinging by remaining wires. Located on the west side of campus on a circular path near the College Hall and the bay.
A pine tree uprooted from the ground by strong winds after falling on Palmer A, the college’s mail collection and distribution center.
One of the college’s iconic palm trees uprooted from the ground, blocking the brick pathway that leads to College Hall and the bay.
A number of trees and foliage torn asunder just outside of the college’s residential quarters on the east side of campus.
The colloquially named “Paradisiacal Park” by 58th St. residents, ravaged by Hurricane Ian. A string adorned with spiritual banners was formerly strung between two trees; it has since fallen, along with some of the foliage. Located just outside College Hall on the west side of campus.
Another pine tree uprooted by Hurricane Ian’s immensely powerful winds; located just outside of Palmer B Dormitory on the east side of campus.
Fallen palms and general debris cover nearly all the walkways of college grounds. Photo taken outside of Z Residential Hall or “Z Dorm” on the east side of campus.

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