Humans beware: Living dead to invade New College starting Oct. 23

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Zombies will rise from the grave Oct. 23 as Novocollegians participate in the annual Zombies vs. Humans battle. Organized by third-year Benjamin “Ben” King, the event is expected to bring about 120-140 players and bring on another year of undead intensity.

“Basically the rules are that the zombies have to tag humans and the humans have to survive,” King said. “Their defense is a squirt gun or a squirt bottle. The zombies will have to sit down on the floor for five minutes. Humans have to attend checkpoints everyday unless they have something else they have to attend to. Zombies get points for the number of kills they get and humans get points for coming to the checkpoints and for performing feats – like a human can dress up like a zombie, sort of like a double agent.”

A pivotal new rule has been implemented in this year’s game citing that nobody is allowed to enter another’s dorm room unless invited first by the tenants.

“It was a problem last year,” King said. “But two or three days in, we had to make it an unofficial rule. There are safe zones which is any school building except for the eating area of Hamilton “Ham” Center. Every other building is safe.”

A complete list of the rules, safe zones, feats and other specifications have been posted on the student Forum. Sign-ups will begin starting Oct. 17-21 at dinnertime in Hamilton “Ham” Center where participants will be asked to contribute a dollar that will go into a jackpot split between the top humans and top zombies. On Oct. 22, wristbands will be distributed to the participants’ mailboxes– red for those who will start as zombies, green for those who will start as humans.

“It’s better to win if you’re a zombie or if you’re a human for the entire week,” King said. “Points don’t transfer well if you go from being a human to a zombie. I might fix that so people don’t get screwed over.”

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