Horoscopes to get through Scorpio season

Mercury is in Retrograde! Who will transform this Scorpio Season? 

Mercury retrogrades into Scorpio, opposing Uranus, giving way to new possibilities and portals. Retrogrades always slowly lift a veil to reveal your true self. Will you finally accept what you see in the mirror?


Uranus in opposition to Mercury shines light into your long-term life goals. You are ruled by Uranus, so innovation and miscellany comes naturally to you, but do not make any rash decisions. Sit back for a while and let things unfold as you prepare for the next step in your life. Scorpio season is a time of inner transformation. 


Dreamy Pisces, connect to your soul this week—even the dark parts. Opposition in Uranus incites upheaval in our lives. Pisces, this all takes place in your “life” sector on your chart. You’re already aware that each step contributes to a much larger, divine purpose in your story. Connect through journaling and meditation. 


Aries, note the places in your routine where you feel uncomfortable. The Libra New Moon this past Friday, Oct. 16 left fire and air signs needing to reevaluate how they balance different aspects of their work and personal life. You might experience a jolt of energy with Mercury in opposition to Uranus. Tread lightly, but quickly! 


Time to ask yourself what you really want! You are a fixed earth sign so this Scorpio in Retrograde is a great time to set new intentions on boundaries and desires. Pay close attention to your triggers. 


Question your balance during this spooky Scorpio time. Note where you are overextending yourself in transactional relationships. Your naturally flirty nature may be entertaining things that do not serve you. 


Self-worth are two words you may need to revert back to this week and month. Follow the trail back towards your motivation, there may be more sustainable solutions


Mercury retrogrades through Scorpio, which rules your home sector. What does home feel like to you? It is important to stay grounded during retrogrades. Try to connect with yourself by journaling, meditating or doing special rituals. You are the queen of indulgence! 


Who do you trust? Virgos always hold themselves down through whatever situation they are put through. You roll with the punches! Time to search outside yourself and reevaluate the nature of your closest relationships.


The new moon in Libra had you Venusians indulge in the finest foods and materials! Soak it up before Scorpio settles into Mercury. Stay balanced and beautiful—that is something that comes naturally to you. Do not be afraid to explore the art of seduction with the transition to Scorpio season. 


 Scorpio, you are a magnet during Libra and Scorpio season. Find ways to make life sweeter or more mysterious. It is a really good time for you to share your wealth with family and friends. Make sure to use your hypnotic eyes to get what you want. It is your season after all. 


Spiritual connection awaits you. You follow Scorpio, so you can immediately accomplish your desires and dreams, however, you don’t struggle with Scorpio’s unhinged possessiveness. You are an archer after all. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want! You never really do, anyway.


Where do you fit into the world? Look closely; it may be shifting. Mercury retrogrades into Scorpio with a direct opposition in Uranus. You are slightly ruled by Uranus, which is the planet of collectivism and innovation. Search for clarity this Scorpio season. You got this!

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