Hispanic Heritage Festival held by the LatinX Club

Photo credit: Katelyn Grimmett
Second year and vice president of the club Lorraine Cruz serves food at the event.


Providing delicious dishes from a number of Latin American countries, a playlist of traditional and modern songs in Spanish, and lessons in salsa, bachata and tango, LatinX Club threw a festival for Hispanic Heritage Month last Wednesday, Sept. 30. Students gathered in Hamilton “Ham” Center by the dozens to celebrate with the club and get a little taste of culture.

“I tried my best to advertise for the event, my goal is to hold this festival in honor of the Hispanic students at New College,” club president and second-year Jennyfer Gonzalez said.

Second-year and the club’s vice president Lorraine Cruz researched some traditional Hispanic dishes to make for the event. Other members of the club shared and prepared recipes from their particular country of origin. Among the food offered was mangú, arroz con pollo, flan, fresh Cuban bread, yucca and arepas. First-year and member of the club Paola Baez-Perez also brewed Cuban coffee at the event.

The event’s success was shown most clearly by the transformation of the tables. Initially covered in mounds of food, all that remained were empty platters.

While the club was allocated $250 for the event, the mothers of several members also contributed donations.

Hispanic Heritage Month starts on Sept. 15 every year to recognize the anniversaries of independence for five Latin American countries. Its beginnings date back to 1968, when President Lyndon B. Johnson initiated the observation to celebrate the presence of Hispanic people and cultures in the United States.

Four Winds also celebrated this month by putting together an “especiales de la semana menu comprised of various Spanish recipes and plates such as tortilla española con una ensalada, arroz con gandules, and sándwich Cubano.

The Sarasota-Manatee area will be holding its own 10th annual Hispanic Heritage festival on Saturday, Oct. 17. There will be ethnic foods available for purchase, dance performances, and live music from Latin bands. Admission to the festival is free.

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