Hear ye, hear ye! Thee faire has arrived!

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Arthur collapses as he looks at the carnage on this once-green field in Camelot, now blood-soaked and battle-scarred. Clutching his own mortal wound with one hand, and Excalibur in the other King Arthur knows his time is short.  Mordred, his enemy and his son, is slain at his feet but at a mighty cost for Camelot is in crumbles and the Knights of the Round Table are no more. His noble Lancelot lies prone on his right and pure Galahad on his left..  He sees a knight stumble toward him on the blood-scarred field and summons the single survivor, Bedivere, with his last royal command—return Excalibur to its home, to the Lady of the Lake.

So off Bedivere gallops leaving the “once and future king” to die among his noble knights.  But the journey for Arthur does not end there as across the waters with Morgan la Faye, two queens, and a Catalyst writer he travels to Avalon—the mystical land of healing where he can be united in peace with his knights.  The only problem is, his enemies are there too.

The Sarasota fairgrounds last weekend and this, have been transformed into the mystical lands of Avalon where bystanders can watch as Arthur and Mordred duke out their eternal rivalry as they fight for Excalibur at the Sarasota Medieval Fair. With a little bit of fair food in the gullet and a bit of change in the pocket, the average visitor can go a long way in this Avalon, team Mordred or team Arthur, it is up to each to decide.

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