Harvest Festival small but successful

This past Sunday a small crowd formed on Z-green for the first ever Council of Green Affairs (CGA) Harvest Festival. Unfortunately no local farmers agreed to sell their produce on campus, but there were plants, pumpkins and food free for the taking.

The Harvest Festival was first envisioned last year after the Earth Day celebration that the CGA hosts in the Spring.

“It started with the earth festival, that we do on Earth Day in the spring and this is kind of our fall version of promoting the CGA and what we have to offer,” third-year and CGA Secretary Isabella Soutullo said.

“I think that it’s important to have one event each semester. It provides a lot of visibility to the CGA and what we do and plus everybody wants more free plants,” thesis student and CGA Vice President Angelica Alexander said.

The CGA is responsible for allocating funds towards projects with the aim of making the campus more environmentally friendly. Some recent ideas for possible upcoming projects include planting trees and purchasing solar panels for the Four Winds.

At the festival Alexander passed out New College water bottles bought for the students by the CGA  as part of its initiative make the campus a little greener.

Talking about the event, Alexander said, “mostly this is an excuse to give out free plants and food and have a good time.”

Second-year Amber Reinheimer brought dozens of plants that she had been growing on her balcony to give away to students so that they could try out their own green thumbs. Lemongrass grown in the Caples community garden could also be taken by visitors and used to make tea.

“We wanted to have farmers from the local area but that didn’t pan out,” Soutullo said. Local farmers were reluctant to sell their produce this time of year, Alexander explained. Small pumpkins were provided for students though.

Despite being scheduled on the same day as the Turkey Bowl football tournament, quite a few students passed through the festival and left with plants in hand.

“I’m pleased with the turnout,” Soutullo said.

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