Hampshire College matches tuition cost for New College transfers, writes letter to student body
A photo of Hampshire College's campus, courtesy of the college's website.

Hampshire College matches tuition cost for New College transfers, writes letter to student body

Hampshire College is welcoming New College students with the opportunity to pursue a liberal arts education in Massachusetts. Hampshire is offering a financial aid package set to match prospective students transferring from New College with the same tuition as the rate said student paid in their 2022-2023 academic year. The transfer offer is extended to students who will, at minimum, intend to spend an entire academic year at Hampshire College, and are committed to maintaining this tuition rate till the anticipated graduation of the transfer student.

Notably, the financial aid package does not account for any change in need-based financial aid. Students applying to transfer will be required to submit the most recent bills issued by New College and the most recent aid offer to Hampshire to calculate final tuition cost. Hampshire will be accepting applications from New College students on a rolling basis until Aug. 1. 

Here is the statement Hampshire college has sent the Catalyst to share with the New College community:

Hampshire College supports the New College community as it organizes and protests to preserve the remarkable education students were promised. The educational approach Hampshire and New College share represents the most uncompromising aspirations of the liberal arts ideal: rigorous self-directed study, in partnership with faculty mentors, pursuing any question without limitations of ideology or state suppression and committed to an unflinching examination of truth—especially when that free inquiry challenges those whose power depends upon its suppression.

If the new regime at New College will no longer permit students to pursue a liberatory education there, Hampshire College welcomes you here. New College students will be able to continue their studies without interruption, drawing upon a remarkable range of courses Hampshire students can access through the Five Colleges Consortium, which allows students enrolled at Amherst College, Smith College, Mount Holyoke College, Hampshire College and the University of Massachusetts to take courses at any of the other schools at no additional cost.

By matching each student’s current tuition, we intend to keep New College students on track to graduate without compromising their studies and minimizing as much as possible the financial and educational damage the attack on New College imposes.

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