Hamilton Center plates get a second chance

Every week Hamilton “Ham” Center throws away an average of 3,000 disposable Styrofoam plates. Many students are up in arms about the wasteful system. Second year Claire Comiskey said that she believes Hamilton Center should utilize reusable ceramic plates, a greener option, but officials at Sodexo are unwilling to switch because many ceramic plates disappear from the cafeteria every year. At the beginning of Last year there were 334 plates in Hamilton Center, by years end only 32 remained. On Nov. 10, 100 more plates were put into use in Hamilton center.” If these plates remain in Ham Center until Nov. 24 then we will have a chance to order new plates,” Comiskey wrote in an email to students. “If we can meet the challenge, we could have the chance to order more reusable plates for Ham Center and eventually move away from styrofoam completely, switching to a biodegradable alternative.” Comiskey wrote in an e-mail to the student body.

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