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With a total of 66.2 percent of total votes, Bioluminescence bested Burn it to the Ground and Laser Tag for Graduation PCP theme. Burn it to the Ground came in second with 18.9 percent of the vote and Laser Tag came in at a close third with 17.8 percent of the total votes.

“My gimmick was essentially that I would use the PCP funds for three things: a mechanical bull, laser tag equipment, and food,” Laser Tag PCP sponsor and second-year Reese Crispen told the Catalyst. “It was my intention to bypass decorations for only these three things in order to keep the project more manageable and affordable.” Crispen had hoped to spend $1,000 for laser tag, $500 on a mechanical bull and approximately $300 on food.

Burn it to the Ground PCP sponsors, thesis students Jordan Martin and Richard Decal, had hoped to decorate Palm Court as the scene of a raging fire. “The concept for Burn it to the Ground PCP came during a conversation following recent desecrations of the central tenets of the New College ethos,” Decal told the Catalyst. “This devolved into an argument over how much gasoline it would take to set Pei on fire. We thought PCP would be a great venue to settle the matter.”

Bioluminescence PCP sponsor Johannah Birney has been planning this theme since the day after last PCP. This year’s graduation PCP will consist of eight areas with their own unique themes and events: Center of the Universe, Sacred Banyan, Firefly Den, Deep Sea Black Box Theater, Bio Silo, the Eternal Spring, the Living Mandala and the Enlightenment Parlor. Bioluminescence PCP promises everything from a hula hoop showcase to hookah.

“PCPs have in the past been like dirty rap videos sometimes,” Birney, a third-year, told the Catalyst. “And this PCP is as psychedelic as all the ones before for all of those people who appreciate that, but it is completely honing down on a wholesome New College. The connections that people make at New College are what PCP should be about … I want people to be outside, experiencing the night and campus and their fellow new college four wind folk like they never have before.”

In terms of funding, Bioluminescence PCP sponsors are raising money to supplement funds coming from the Student Allocation Committee (SAC). “The SAC said they only have $1,500 for us which is substantially low,” Birney said. “It is unfortunately low which doesn’t worry me because we have not collected for the Wall. I know all the sponsors would be willing to match collections. We’re getting as crafty as we can.”

Bioluminescence PCP will take place on Friday, May 20.

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