Graduation PCP theme announced

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Co-speaker of the Towne Meeting and third-year Martha Gibbons announced on Apr. 25 that the theme for Graduation PCP will be “End of the World” PCP. Other contenders were the “Call of the Hunting Horn” and “Cosmos (Carl Sagan)” PCPs. End of the World PCP is sponsored by thesis student Sivens Glaude, who has thrown five Walls during this academic year, including the largely attended “Dance-Off” Wall. Glaude plans on incorporating different end of the world theories into the themes for each area. Palm Court will be themed around the Chinese New Year, the Black Box Theater will be decorated as a Mayan temple and the Silo will be an interactive zone. Z Green will be a nuclear wasteland filled with tents and the Nook will be a “conspiracy zone.”

Glaude has agreed to work with the sponsors of Cosmos (Carl Sagan) PCP, whose ideas include purchasing a sound permit so that PCP, which will be thrown on May 25, cannot be shut down due to a noise complaint. “I’m not sure if a sound permit is necessary,” Glaude said in an e-mail to the Catalyst. “But it’s better safe than sorry.” Glaude is also collaborating with upwards of 10 others and plans on consulting with professionals to determine the best materials to decorate with. Gibbons mentioned in the announcement e-mail that this PCP election received enough votes to allow the New College Student Alliance (NCSA) to consider increasing their Survey Monkey plan.

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