Gotta watch ‘em all: Pokemon is now on Netflix

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The first two seasons of Pokémon arrived on Netflix on March 1. The cult-like following of the show is riddled with nostalgia and childhood memories for many New College Students.

“There is a lot more substance to the first season,” third-year Tyler Pratt said. “This is going to reveal the depths of my nerdom. There is a theory that since Ash is hit by lightning in one of the first few episodes and that he is in a coma and the episodes are just figments of his imagination – coma dreams.”

The “pocket monster” phenomena, which reached the United States in 1998, began with the Nintendo Game Boy games “Pokemon Red” and “Blue.” The franchise has not only spanned generations in its own universe, but in reality as well. Pokémon has more than 40 video games within its brand – including six in-game generations and two reboots, as well as multiple companion games – 11 full-length movies, toys, books and a fleshed out, internationally recognized card game with official competitions.

“I grew up with Pokémon,” Pratt said. “I remember Pokémon being one of the first things that I could bond with friends over. I would play Pokémon snap on my friend’s Nintendo 64 or we would play Pokémon cards. I was in second or third grade when it came out and it has just been a very constant thing in my life. Even if it is not something that I am constantly doing, I can go back to it if I am feeling stressed.”

Pratt is very excited about the show being on Netflix, but has not gotten a chance to watch it yet due to schoolwork.

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