Gotta catch 'em all: NCF still has Pokémon

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After a smashing turnout on the first Pokemon Trainer Day hosted on April 1, second-year Jehan Sinclair plans on forming a New College of Florida Pokemon League.

“I’ve mentioned the idea, and there seems to be an interest in it,” she said. “I’m thinking gym battles and original badges.”

Like many Novo Collegians that grew up in the 1990’s, Sinclair played Pokemon video games, collected playing cards, and watched the cartoon every Saturday morning.

“I’m a fan of video games in general, so I try to keep up with new releases via news and review sites,” she said.

She’s not the only Pokemon enthusiast left. “New College Pokemon culture is alive and well,” she said. “There are quite a few people who still enjoy it. I’ve played with some Pokemon fans here, and they’re a great group of people. There’s still a lot of enthusiasm and sincere love for the game that I really appreciate.”

Sinclair feels the Pokemon is more than just a game for kids. “I think some people may view Pokemon as something for small children but I view it as a hobby,” she said. “It’s something I enjoy doing in my free time. Some people like to catch up on their favorite television show after a rough day of classes—I like to catch Pokemon.”

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