Garage sale event seeks to reclaim legacy of the Free Store
Image of a thrift store, courtesy of Beatrice Forman.

Garage sale event seeks to reclaim legacy of the Free Store

There’s a biting chill to the air this November. With the frosty arrival of this season’s weather, many are rummaging through the back-end vestiges of their winter collections, hoping to find something to bundle together for warmth. Yet, not everyone has the clothing they need on hand. With the end of the New College “Free Store”—a tradition discontinued during the pandemic where students could donate and share items they no longer needed—finding suitable clothing on a tight budget is more challenging than ever. Enter the student-organized Garage Sale event coming this Sunday, Nov. 14, which seeks to remedy the shortage.  

“Free and accessible clothing is super important to me!” event organizer and third-year Moriah “Mo” Olsen wrote. “The Garage Sale was inspired by the lack of the Free Store these recent past few semesters. The Free Store was a way for people who either can’t afford clothes to get clothes, and for people who have too many to get rid of them. Angry that the admin doesn’t care if it exists, I decided to take it upon myself.”

There are plans to have music at the event, and a variety of vendors are encouraged to attend even if they don’t have clothing to sell. Participants are given the option of donating, trading or selling their items at the event. If one plans on selling or buying, it’s recommended to have a virtual payment app like Venmo or bring cash.”I love love love this idea, but I prefer the Free Store coming back in its fullest form!” Olsen continued. “If the Free Store remains dead, I will host another one. But for now, please come to this event! There will be free clothes!”

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