Game room coming

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In about month, New College Student Alliance (NCSA)  co-president Michael Long said that he expects New College to be graced with a game room — complete with Dance Dance Revolution, air hockey and a multi-game system. The NCSA sent a survey to students asking them which types of arcade games they would prefer and if they would like the game room to be painted black with black lighting. Though many students voiced that they would desire a remodel of the old mail room that is soon to be the game room, Long is hesitant as to whether the remodel will happen. He said that 99 students said that they would not like the game room to redecorated.

The air hockey table will cost the NCSA approximately $800, the multi-game system $1,500 and Dance Dance Revolution around $700. The Dance Dance Revolution game will consist of a PlayStation and third party dancing pads rather than a game console to save the student government money. The NCSA is ordering the gaming equipment from Apollo Amusements.

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