Game on: International Game Day

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By Colt Dodd

International Games Day, the one day of the year where the library becomes transformed into a gamer haven, was held on Nov. 15. Featuring games such as Magic: the Gathering and Apples to Apples in Spanish, the event lasted a total of five hours and provided relief to those who might have needed a break from the music-filled Newstock, which was held the same day.

“I thought it was a really fun and it was nice to come together as a school and come play games,” thesis student M.K. Fogarty said. Fogarty remarked that the board game “Doom” was one of the highlights of the event.

International Game Day is held across the globe in libraries every year with the hopes of inspiring healthy competition and teaching participants about culture., a fervid supporter of the event, said on their website: “Libraries are about sharing culture and information, and games are a form of culture that you often have to share – you often can’t experience them without another player! They’re also good for brain health, and foster important life skills like socialization, theory of mind and systems literacy. Plus, they’re fun!”

“I enjoyed the free pizza. It spoke to my soul,”  alum Lauren Rogers (‘11) said. “It’s good to have these things because it brings the community together and also free pizza.”

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