Galerie Dänknéiss features revolutionary artwork from student artists

Photo credit: Kaylie Stokes
The gallery is located in Towles Court, the artist colony in Sarasota.

When Nathan Wilson graduated from New College in 2013, he ran into the very common problem of being a young artist trying to make it in an industry that values age and education over talent.

Wilson creates art inspired by mathematics and the environment.

“My undergraduate thesis concerned the determination of core perceptive properties with which we evaluate form in our everyday lives,” Wilson states on his website. “Mathematical systems exist independently of human presence and are embedded in our physical world. Natural illustrations of proportionality, symmetry, and notions of inflation/deflation and partitioning are not dated to a particular time period and are not confined to, or ascribed to, a particular set of ideals, which makes them widely accessible to a variety of audiences.”

Galerie Dänknéiss was born out of Wilson’s frustration. The gallery is a multidisciplinary showcase featuring artwork from Wilson and a host of other talented young artists.

On Sept. 18, the gallery featured work from New College students and alums including Michael Miller, Belle DuVall and Dawn Aberle.

Alum Diana Watson (’09) does not consider herself to be an artist, instead explaining that her art is hair. She was, however, a major figure of Galerie Dänknéiss as she was in charge of finding the venue.

“Art spaces are hard to come by,” Watson said. “We wanted something that was small and independent. We wanted to give people an opportunity to showcase their artwork outside of the college circuit.”

The gallery is comprised of several rooms, each characterized by white walls that put the focus on the art. Some of the featured works, all under the common theme of perception, were geometric sculptures or digital art that challenged the viewer to think in an unconventional way. Artwork retailed from $150 to $2800.

Attendees seemed pleased with the show.

“Great locale, great selection, and great fun,” alum David Miller (’11) said. “I give it five out of five stars.” Miller found out about the event through his neighbor, another alum, Coral Moore (’11), who chose to give the gallery 10 out of 10 stars.

Galerie Dänknéiss is still a gamble at this point. The grassroots project was mainly funded through investments made by the Galerie Dänknéiss team.

More information on Galerie Dänknéiss can be found on their Facebook page and their website,


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