French study discourages use of bra

French study discourages use of bra

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Do your bazoombas itch to be set free? According to a 14- year French study, bras provide no benefits to breasts.

Women who do not wear bras develop more muscle tissue to naturally support breasts. Nipples also gained a higher lift when women abstain from wearing bras.

Jeanne-Denis Rouillion, a professor at the University of Franché-Comté in Besançon conducted the study. He found that when bras are worn the restrictive material might accelerate sagging.

Three hundred women between 18 and 35 participated in his study. Capucine Vercellotti, 28, found that she could breath more easily without a bra. Yet, Rouillion urged that for some women, bras are essential and his study did not take into account breast size.

Some feminists have long been skeptical of the necessity of bras. Feminist arguments against bras insist that bras alter the female form and force it to conform to societal ideals. Bras alter the natural shape of breasts and conceal nipples. Bras contribute to the objectification of women by packaging up women’s breasts in lace, glitter and frills.

And yet, some women revel in their over-the-shoulder-boulderholders and would never dare desert them.

Catalyst editor Shane Donglasan shared her reaction to the study:

“It made me think about the women’s natural shape also and it is another way of society defining how women’s bodies should look like instead of embracing our own natural form,” she said.

In the 19th century, bras replaced corsets as the most popular undergarment worn by women. The bra industry is a multi-billion dollar entity, dominated by multi-national companies.

Information for this article was taken from the Huffington Post and the Guardian.

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