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Campus will not be dusted in Hollywood romance on Friday Apr. 26th for the Four Winds Film Festival did not receive any student submissions.

The festival was supposed to feature student work revolving around the theme of omniscience. Entries were supposed to be shorter than ten minutes.

Thesis students Chelsea Corarito and Elena Korallis anticipated hosting the festival which they participated during their first-year at New College. Their film won the festival; shot in a single-frame, it portrayed the thoughts and feelings of someone walking from the old mail room to the Bay.

“Our first year, it [the Film Festival] was actually a pretty big event,” said Corarito. “There were ten entries and a lot of people came. The Four Winds was filled and it was just a very interesting New College cultural event that hasn’t happened again the whole time that we’ve been here.”

The entries included an animated film, a documentary about an alum’s grandmother and a film about frozen grapes.

The festival prompted Corarito and Korallis to pursue creative film projects for the rest of their New College career and birthed their film production persona of Chelena CorKor. The next Chelena CorKor production will be their thesis documentary which they intend to start after they baccalaureate exams on Apr. 30th.

“We have a theme, omniscience, but entries don’t have to bide by that strongly, it is just an idea,” Corarito reflected. “We just want creativity because New College kids are so smart and hauled up in their Pei rooms all day. It is cool if it is done with your webcam or in your room with your cell phone.”

Correction: An article about Corarito and Korralis winning the Film Festival was supposed to run in the Catalyst three years ago, but did not run due to some production mishap.

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